The Authors

Mary Weaks-Baxter is the Hazel Koch Professor of English at Rockford College, where she teaches courses in rhetoric and literature. She has co-edited three books, including Talking with Robert Penn Warren, Southern Women's Literature, and The History of Southern Women's Literature, and written a monograph, Reclaiming the American Farmer: The Reinvention of a Regional Mythology in Twentieth-Century Southern Writing.

Christine Bruun is Professor Emerita of Psychology and former chair of the Psychology Department at Rockford College. She is also a clinical psychologist. Bruun's current research interest concerns the intergenerational aspects of empathy. With a collateral interest in history and the classics, she has also published a psychological analysis of the Aeneid.

Catherine Forslund
is Professor of History and chair of the History Department at Rockford College, where she teaches U.S., Latin American, and Asian history. Her publications include Anna Chennault: Informal Diplomacy and Asian Relations and the forthcoming Edith Kermit Roosevelt: Victorian Modern First Lady, for which she received a White House Historical Association grant.


Last Updated: 09/23/2010