This on-line archive collects together primary materials that record the first-hand experiences of Rockford College women during World War II.  From the home front to the battle front, women contributed to the war effort in as many ways as men and documented their experiences for themselves, their friends, and their loved ones.

The kinds of materials collected here include personal journals, photographs, original drawings, letters, and scrapbooks, all of which tell the heroic stories of American women around the world during the war.  These documents were shared with the authors of We are a College at War: Women Working for Victory in World War II and are a rich and moving archival record of the female half of the Greatest Generation.

We hope these materials illuminate the role of women during the war and help both scholars and anyone interested in this subject to better understand the important part women played.

Use of these materials beyond personal or direct educational use requires permission. Please contact the website administrator at weareacollegeatwar@rockford.edu for more details.

Please note that materials will continue to be added as time permits. Please check back soon for further updates.

Last Updated: 09/23/2010